Meet The Team



The man. The myth. The legend. Chuck is a fun guy, and by that we do not mean a fungi. He doesn't take life too seriously, yet somehow has a knack for getting the job done well. He takes time along the way to make new friends and really be present. You will never feel like you are "just a number" when working with Chuck. In his down time, he enjoys crafting with wood, fishing, and eating really good food. He has worked in real estate since he was 19 and still loves every minute of it.


Realtor Assistant

Watch out folks! Not only does she teach the kids and put dinner on the table, she's Chuck's right-hand girl. Afton loves the sport of finding the perfect property for someone. She is gifted in organizing and scheduling while getting the most out of her (and your) time. In her free time, she... wait... she's a mom of 3 littles. She doesn't actually have free time. But she does love all things natural wellness.


The Brain

This girl doesn't forget a detail. She keeps us on track! She's loaded with great ideas (she actually named our printing company) and is certainly on her way to being a young entrepreneur. She is a great cook too, and is not afraid to hop in the kitchen and make dinner when we've been busy working late helping folks find their dream homes.


Company Clown

Where do we even begin? Luci is such a strong addition to the Propertunity team. Without Luci, we may have lost our sense of humor by now. She may be small, but don't let her fool ya. She's a tough cookie who is always looking for the opportunity to crack a joke or make a play on words.


Marketing Genius

No one can start a conversation up quite like this little guy. What would we even do without him? Everywhere we go, he stops the crowds with his blue eyes, chubby cheeks, adorable smile, and subdued personality. Propertunity Real Estate Pros just wouldn't be the same without him.

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